works and lives in Innsbruck, Austria                         * 1982 in Vienna, Austria

                                                                      † variable in variable


                                                 studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna





2017 Music video for Rosensprung - Nekrophagen, Innsbruck

2017 Moved to Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

2016 Music video for Hellvar - Too late liar, Reykjavik

2016 Live video and sound performance with Betty Blitz_Listastofan, Reykjavik

2016 Cofounder of the artist collective Blitzschuh, Reykjavik

2015 Moved to Reykjavik, ICELAND

2015 Soundperformance at Art's Birthday _ORF Radiokulturhaus, Vienna

2015 Soundperformance via internet with Betty Blitz at Off 3_Grunsteinsieben, Reykjavik - Vienna

2014 Music video for Laokoongruppe, Vienna

2014 Live animation/ sound performance with Mariela Schöffmann_Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2012 Play with me! / Fx_Jacket v.3 - performance at Power Laser 3000 , Vienna

2011 XYZ shoe / Video & sensor sculpture at MUSAO_Grunsteingasse, Vienna

2010 Soundperformance with Kathrin Stumreich at Off with the heads_Quelle, Vienna

2010 Fx_Jacket v.2 - performance at Hört die Signale_EKH, Vienna

2009 This is a string instrument - performance at Alias in Wonderland_MQ, Vienna

2009 One month performance tour with SlowForward in Mexico

2008 Soundperformance with SlowForward /Fx_Jacket v.1_Soho in Ottakring, Vienna

2008 Soundperformance at Nonplusultra_Venster, Vienna

2007 Soundperformance with Vnai in front of Tate Modern, London

2005 Amadea_M Sound with Amadesaster at Referat Mozart 2056_MQ, Vienna

2005 Cofounder of Amadesaster -soundperformance