David M Schuh

* 1982 in Vienna, Austria

   studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna




2019 Soundscape for Shimmer - a film by Betty Blitz

2019  Music video for Rosensprung - Dendriten, Vienna

2019 Soundscape for Night Fly - a film by Betty Blitz

2018 John Seeks Love  2-H    Short film, Vienna

2018 Moved to Vienna, AUSTRIA

2018 John Seeks Love  1-M   Short film, Innsbruck

2017 Music video for Rosensprung - Nekrophagen, Innsbruck

2017 Moved to Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

2016 Music video for Hellvar - Too late liar, Reykjavik

2016 Live video and sound performance with Betty Blitz at Listastofan, Reykjavik

2016 Cofounder of the artist collective Blitzschuh, Reykjavik

2015 Moved to Reykjavik, ICELAND

2015 Soundperformance at Art's Birthday - ORF Radiokulturhaus, Vienna

2015 Soundperformance via internet with Betty Blitz at Off 3  - Grundsteinsieben, Reykjavik - Vienna

2015 Soundscape for Roving Around - a film by Mariela Schöffmann

2014 Music video for Laokoongruppe, Vienna

2014 Live animation/ sound performance with Mariela Schöffmann - Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2013 Soundscape for Groteskes Gezwitscher - a film by Mariela Schöffmann


2012 Play with me! / Fx_Jacket v.3 - performance at Power Laser 3000 , Vienna

2011 XYZ shoe / Video & sensor sculpture at MUSAO_Grundsteingasse, Vienna

2010 Soundperformance with Kathrin Stumreich at Off with the heads  - Quelle, Vienna

2010 Fx_Jacket v.2  _ performance at Hört die Signale - EKH, Vienna

2009 This is a string instrument - performance at Alias in Wonderland - MQ, Vienna

2009 One month performance tour with SlowForward in Mexico

2008 Soundperformance with SlowForward / Fx_Jacket v.1 - Soho in Ottakring, Vienna

2008 Soundperformance at Nonplusultra - Venster, Vienna

2007 Soundperformance with Vnai in front of Tate Modern, London

2005 Amadea M Sound with Amadesaster at Referat Mozart 2056 at MQ, Vienna

2005 Cofounder of Amadesaster - soundperformance